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WD 500Gb USB portable drive
Dell XPS M1530 laptop
Edirol V4 Vision Mixer - Video Desk
WD 500Gb USB portable drive
Dell XPS M1530 laptop
Sony Mini-DV Walkman Recording Desk
Panasonic 3CCD DVC-30 Pro Video Camera
Digital Blue DM2 USB Midi ScratcherEvolution Ucontrol UC-16 Midi Controller
BenQ SP-820

The VJzoo.com Studio Rig

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Dell XPS M1530

As you can see, the WUVXGA screen is such high resolution (1900 x1280 native) that Resolume only fills about half the screen.

Online, I've seen people complaining about Dell's service but we always get the extended 3 year warranty and ever for minor things, Dell Australia have been VERY helpful and their service has been excellent.

If you note that you're an "IT Professional" (ie computer geek) in your online profile with Dell, then when you have issues, they treat you with respect and give long, detailed troubleshooting advice when you have technical problems.

Having owned... well, quite a lot of laptops over the years, and pushing them as hard as we do (they're on at least 8 hours a day, often working in video), we're of the opinion that any laptop is going to have component failures. The fact that you can pay to cover that with Dell really is worthwhile.

Having lugged 17" laptops around to gigs previously though, we don't think it's worth the extra weight, less battery life etc to go for a 17" - the 15.5" widescreen at WUXGA resolution is much better we think.

You can buy directly from Dell.com or Dell.com.au in Australia where you can fully customise your specs or

Dell 6000 - You can sometimes buy fixed-spec versions for very cheap through Amazon. You can then bulk up the specs, eg adding more RAM as unlike Dells back in the day, they now accept many standard components.

A few reviews of the Dell Inspiron 6000:

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