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WD 500Gb USB portable drive
Dell XPS M1530 laptop
Edirol V4 Vision Mixer - Video Desk
WD 500Gb USB portable drive
Dell XPS M1530 laptop
Sony Mini-DV Walkman Recording Desk
Panasonic 3CCD DVC-30 Pro Video Camera
Digital Blue DM2 USB Midi ScratcherEvolution Ucontrol UC-16 Midi Controller
BenQ SP-820

The VJzoo.com Gig Rig

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Ben-Q SP-820 (4000 lumens).

See specs on Projector Central

We bought four of these for VJing, especially outdoor projection, after returning some Sanyo XU-115's that we were very unhappy with. The BenQ SP-820's are amazingly good for the price.

Bright, clear image, great for carrying around, very quick to cool down. These are the perfect portable projector for guerrilla-style projection. This is THE projector to 'grab and go' - although the quality of the image also looked good on a screen at home and is bright enough to see clearly even with a lot of ambient light.

Such a pity they went out of production so quickly. They design was great, with the built-in handle, and they're fabulous for outdoor projection.

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