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retro babes:

Vintage babes in suspenders, catfights and 'expressive' dancing.

Our personal favourites are from the 1920's to the 1950's, including Betty Page and others less well remembered.

Who says they didn't have just as much fun way-back when? Compared to modern adult films, the erotica of the first half of the 20th century are so much healthier - lots of silliness, teasing and frivolity.

As a modern feminist, I find these old girlie films very empowering and not remotely sleazy. I've been collecting images and footage along these lines for years and love the chance to use it VJing - usually after midnight at private parties.

Bettie rocks!

We're big fans of vintage Cheesecake:

  • Burlesque and Strippers from archive.org
  • Bettie Page
  • Mesa of Lost Women
  • She Demons
  • The Astounding She Monster
  • Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill by Russ Meyer
  • Attack of the Giant Leeches
  • Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy - Jane Fonda
  • Baby Doll
  • Catwomen of the Moon
  • The Dirty Girls by Radley Metzger
  • Busby Berkely movies

Betty Page and June King - Pinup Beauties Fight


We do recommend buying movies you use loops from. While using short loops during live VJing is argued within the industry to be 'fair use', it's still good karma to buy a copy if there's any chance that the studio may get some of the do$h (ie, if it's a legal copy and it's not in the Public Domain)

This isn't the case with Public Domain stuff - nothing usually goes to the studio that originally made it, but they're generally so cheap it's worth buying them on DVD for the sheer convenience factor.

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook