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Plug n Play @ LuxeBar

Thurs 30th November 8-11pm

The Luxe Bar - purveyors of Perth's finest cocktails

Luxe Bar is at 446 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

Vintage Audio Visual

with Special Guests

Eyelid Picture Show, and DJ Jim Cook from Loungerama.

Our first Vintage AV night with Special Guests Chrism + Fenris was bloody brilliant. Our newly restored 1984 Fairlight CVI blew up in dramatic cloud of smoke, but apart from that, I think a fun time was had by all. And what a crowd, thanks to RTR for the on-air mention on the day of the gig.

We will be bringing along a bunch of vintage equipment to demonstrate, including our 1994 Fairlight CVI, a Beta video player, Panasonic AVE-7 video desk, a Hama video desk, NEC Multisync MT-1030 projector, old video camera....

Graham and the other guys from Eyelid Picture Show will be bringing 3 full keyboard synths:

  • Korg DV800 (1974)
  • Ensoniq VFX (1989)
  • Kawai K1 (1988)

They'll also be using an EMU Orbit synth module (1995) for their drum sounds. It will be controlled by a 5 year old korg sampler which will only be used to program the beats NOT to generate any sounds.

We will be using a Boss 6 input mixer to wrangle all the audio inputs, if we can manage to make it work - just arrived off eBay and it's 110v power :(

DJ Jim Cook from Loungerama will be spinning vinyl (BYO Blondie EPs etc), but it would be great if we could also get some live action with synths, drum machines etc. We figure anything over 10 years old counts as "Vintage" in the field of electronic gadgetry :)

If you could get us the tech specs of your gear (especially video) so we can hunt out adapters, experiment with inputs etc, we'd appreciate it. We will be using our oldest video desks and projector, so no s-video and no laptops (aaaargh!).

Our one modern allowance is that we'll still be using Luxe's decks and PA, as it would be way too much hassle to be purist about finding a vintage PA and audio mixer. And they used to weigh a ton.

Even if you can't bring equipment, why not bring along a few of your favourite old vinyl EPs and Beta or VHS exercise videos :)

Check out the Plug n Play page for more info.

Brendan from Eyelid Picture Show

Projected output from our 1994 Fairlight CVI Producer and Panasonic AVE-7 desk. Input footage was from a VHS movie "Lucky Seven" featuring a kung-fu fighting breakdancing gang of Japanese kids.


Crap turnout - my fault, been too busy to promote it, with a dozen gigs this month. So, sadly not many people there to witness the wonderfulness. Check out the pics on Flickr and we'll be aiming to YouTube the AV set ASAP.

Brilliant night artistically though!!! Brendan, Graham and Miles from Eyelid Picture Show did an improvised set, since somehow their sequencer got wiped just before they went on, losing everything they'd prepared for weeks beforehand. Argh! But like the talented professionals they are, they put on such a great performance nobody noticed the technical issues.

Jasper wrangled the Fairlight CVI, VJ Trixee controlled the vintage Panasonic AVE-7 Mixer and much visual mayhem ensued.

DJ Jim from Loungerama spun some great vinyl. Obscure early electronica - 1970's Kraftwerk etc. Will ask him for a list of albums he played, as it was a really cool set and not the sort of music you get a chance to hear very often.

Chrism and Fenris at the first Vintage AV Plug n Play Oct 06 - visuals by various VJs randomly pushing buttons on the Fairlight CVIs and the vintage desks.

Thanks to Cordata for finding this excellent Giorgio Moroder Promo video on YouTube!

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook