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Eyewash - Videoverse
"a universe of video"

On May 26th, 2006, I had the pleasure to introduce the work of VJzoo (Kat Black and Jasper Cook) to our New York audience at EyeWash.

They brought music by Western Australian artists and their video performance was witty, intelligent, and highly original while often relying on existing archival media which had been treated with modern technical processes and juxtaposed into a clever non-narrative.

VJzoo showed their experience and professionalism through their ease of set-up and excellent presentation. I am proud to have had their work at EyeWash and would happily invite them again.

Eric Dunlap
Forward Motion Theater

Friday 26th May 2006
at Monkeytown 58 N 3rd St
(btw. Kent & Wythe) Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Seatings at 7:30pm and 10pm. Live-mix video til 1am, $5
Space is limited. Call 718.384.1369 or email monkeytown for reservations.

Featured video artists and collaborators include:
Joshua Goldberg + Todd Polenberg
Kate Brehm
Raphael DiLuzio + Arts in Motion

Music by DJ Duane Reade and DJ ActivePhaze

About the artists:

Joshua Goldberg is a dedicated abstractionist, designing and performing on frameworks for improvisatory animation using laptops in club and party situations. He wants your palms to sweat, your pores to open, your pupils to dilate. He is a time junkie, in a destructive fashion, exploring the mutability of time through computers, and investigate the shattering of temporal flow. Teaming up with electronic musician Todd Polenberg aka Habitrail. This duo’s audio visual synergy is featured on the EyeWash 2 DVD. Experience them live, then take them home…

Kate Brehm has a diverse background in the media and performing arts. She worked on staff at the NYU Center for Advanced Technology, instructed workshops internationally exploring performing with technology, designs hardware set-up for live performance, installation, soundscapes and video content; and is artistic director of imnotlost, producing cabaret evenings of puppets and variety, art exhibits, multi-media performance events, bizarre theatrics, and critical thinking. This night she presents her Movement with Screens performance installation.

Raphael DiLuzio returns to EyeWash, mixing visuals to the sounds of classical musicians Arts in Motion. This Professor of New Media at the University of Maine is not just sitting on his scholastic laurels, he is out there making the work work, striving to find a balance between the new media of today and its place with the classic arts; his collaboration with the Philadelphia ensemble is no exception. There is even rumor of a collaborating dancer to round out the set, merging music, visual and dance.

Jasper Cook (bunniboi) and Kat Black (kattyb) are the VJzoo crew. They live in Perth, Western Australia, the most remote capital city on the planet, so you have to make your own fun there. Their visual style ranges from retro to abstract to rough and edgy, and use a lot of archival movies, grungy hand-held industrial-looking footage and scratch and flare type effects. Currently on an international tour through Europe and Asia, they round out the continents by making a special stop in NYC for a show at EyeWash. Zoo, thanks for coming all this way and making us sooo internacionale!

EyeWash events feature live-mix video performances by VJs and Video Artists who manipulate video in real time. The Eye Wash series is a relaxed and social atmosphere where you can enjoy live-mixed video, meet VJs and video artists, and see the latest in live video performance and collaborations in mixed media while dining on Monkeytown's excellent fare.
NyscaEyeWash is presented by Forward Motion Theater, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization since 2001, and is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency.

We used all WA music again:

We got a very enthusiastic response from the audience. Thanks everyone, we had an absolutely brilliant time!

VJzoo are grateful to our generous supporters:
Plaza Digital - Best Service in Perth for Camera Video Computer
Government of Western Australia
ArtsWA - Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts TDK Australia
Microcinema  International - the Art of the Moving Image

.... and our families :)

copyright all material 2003 - present kat black & jasper cook

copyright all material 2005 kat black & jasper cook